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“If there has been a guy I can fully trust with amps and amp design, it is Mike Fortin. I’ve tried almost every metal amp out there and playing one designed by Mike Fortin is like coming home after years of tone searching.

After the Satan I can finally stop the endless tone search. His creations have such a distinct character it’s incomparable with other amps. He’s a master of his art, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s a super awesome guy and an extremely talented cook!”
– Ola Englund
Feared | The Haunted

When Randall Amplifiers began its collaboration with internet video legend Ola Englund on his signature Satan amplifier, nobody imagined it would become as successful as it did. Thousands of metalheads worldwide made it a phenomenon that every self-respecting metal player and shredder had to have. It has since gone on to become a definitive classic in the Metal genre. Now, the next chapter of metal history is about to be written. For unto Satan has been born a 50 watt son. Every inch a Satan in a leaner and meaner package! All the gain, tone and versatility is still there for those who dare take the challenge.


Specifications :

SATAN50: 2 Channel – 50 watts with independent tone controls and (Kill) boost. 3x 12AX7 preamp tubes, 2x 6L6 power amp tubes (biasing on the rear panel with multiple power tube options.) Power amp Presence and Depth tone controls and master volume. Effects loop with send level and passive or series return options. 2 button footswitch included (channel and kill switching) optional FX loop switching.

Wattage / Power 50w
Channels 2 + Boost + Sweep control
Tubes (3) 12AX7, (2)6L6
Speaker n/a
Impedance 08/04/16
FX/GATE/REVERB Tube driven series/parallel footswitchable loop
FOOTSWITCH 2 button LED switches Channel and Boost (RF2-LED)

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