The Thrasher…..a 2 channel, 4 mode 120 watt all tube monster engineered by world renowned amp guru, Mike Fortin.  This amplifier is the result of countless hours of listening, tweaking, and perfecting the tight and relentless attack that the circuit delivers. The design is intended to offer a more focused approach to tube amp performance than previously available in the market. Drop tuning, 6,7,8+ stringed instruments will translate with pristine clarity while still maintaining over the top gain and playability regardless of the setting.  It has heavy duty metal front and rear grills, corners, and edging to take a beating on the road.   With tons of gain and aggression, this amp delivers everything you could ask for. There is also a 2 Button LED footswitch included.

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Controls Master Volume, Depth, Presence | 2 x Channel Volume, Gain Bass, Middle, Treble | Channel 1: LF Gain, HF Gain, Boost
Wattage 120 Watts
Channels 2
Impedance 16, 8, or 4 Ohm
Fx Gate Reverb Tube Series/Parallel Loop
Tube Type 6 x 12AX7 | 4 X 6L6
Inputs 1 X Passive Guitar Input, 1 x Active Guitar Input, 2 x Footswitch, FX Series/Parallel Loop,
Outputs 5 x Speaker Jacks, 2 x Line Out


Additional Info Push/Pull Bias Controls


Footswitch 2 Channels and Boost Mode (RF2-LED)
Dimensions 29.06 x 10.43 x 10.47 inches
Weight Lbs 59.52 lbs

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